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Hi, I'm Jay ;-) 

I became attuned to reiki in 2008 and a certified reiki master at the end of 2010.

I have been selling distance reiki for some years now.
I think that it's lovely to be able to help people in the most natural, beautiful way.

Reiki can be used regardless of your religion as it is a type of energy healing so doesn't not conflict with any religious beliefs.

Absolutely anybody is welcome to ask for reiki from me. I am a very accepting, open minded person. Reiki should be available to everybody.

I choose to work with distance reiki on the internet rather than 'hands on' reiki for the simple reason that I really have no time to have customers come to my home or for me to go to them.

So-distance reiki is the way to go right now I think.

I try to keep my prices low and even then, if someone is in need but cannot afford the reiki-I still will help as I do not feel that the reiki belongs to me or anyone else and I would never refuse to send healing to someone who requested it.

I hope that you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

 Love and Light.
Jay xx

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