Reiki Charged Candles, Room Sprays & More

All items on this page are reiki blessed/charged.

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Reiki Charged Tealight Candles
(Soy Wax)

Always been a best seller.
Reiki charged tealight candles are reiki infused and give off the most wonderful energy when burning. They can be used to cleanse a room of negative energy, whilst meditating, while relaxing or whatever you feel guided to do. 
Soy wax does not release toxic fumes when burning which is why I choose to use natural soy wax.

1 is £3.02 
2 are £5.50
4 are £9.50
6 are £15.00


Reiki Charged Room Sprays

These reiki charged room sprays not only smell divine, they also release a beautiful, calming energy into the room when sprayed. 
Can also be sprayed onto soft furnishing, bedding, clothing etc.

Choose between 4 delicious aromas. 

Cleansing Energy
Love & Harmony
Sleep & Relax
Invigorate & Detox

Which Fragrance?

Reiki Charged No More Stress Inhalator

Close your eyes and breath deeply through your nose and enjoy inhaling the reiki charged, lavender fragrance. Say in your mind- No More Stress, No More Stress, No More Stress.
Do this for as long as you need to until you feel yourself relax. Can be used unlimited amount of times per day.
Never insert the inhalator into the nostrils.
Just £4.50 each

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Worry dollsare used to help a person get rid of the worries and anxieties so they can sleep peacefully. Worry dolls are popular with children but lots of adults use them and find they help too.
Sometimes just the act of thinking about what the worries are, saying them out loud one by one and then finishing by popping the dolls back in their box and putting the box under your pillow, is enough to get things off your mind.

Only £4.00 per box