Reiki From Jay-Feedback & FAQ

Feedback I have received

Here are just a few of the lovely comments I have received from customers.
All comments are genuine.


I was amazed by the rune reading as I have not had one before. It was really apt for what is occurring in this moment and gave valuable advice for the near future, I would highly recommend having a rune reading from Jay, excellent service. I also have regular reiki and would not be without her distant healing, I love it. (Lynne. Czech Republic)

I purchase reiki sessions and items from Jay regularly. I always find the healing makes me feel recharged and refreshed. My favourite reiki charged items have to be the lavender room spray which helps me to sleep, the tea light candles which are very relaxing and I recently purchased a cute little bottle pendant which is filled with reiki charged crystals. I have had many compliments on it and I always feel really good when I am wearing it. Thank you Jay. I cannot sing your praises enough. (Vanessa Chinery. London)

I have been receiving distance Reiki from Jay for almost a year now. I can highly recommend Jay for her friendly and efficient service to all no matter what your purchase. Jay is always there for you. (Mary Pitman. Erskine Renfrewshire Scotland) 

I have had several Reiki healing sessions from Jay, each time I instantly notice how much more relaxed I feel, I would definitely recommend anyone giving this a go.  (Leigh Richards. Kent UK)

Just wanted to give you some feedback on my recent distant reiki healing. One word... WOW! Strongest reiki I have so far experienced. Stronger than hands on reiki I have had in the past. Thank you. I am  impressed and will definitely be back for more!  :) (Cliff, USA)
I have used colloidal silver on my teeth and it works great, the pain goes away almost straight away. I have also used Jay Reiki healing and it works wonder, I don't feel so stress and I feel happy. (Pat)

 Jay has always been very lovely and kind, and reiki from her is always great help. (Wendy)

 Jay is so kind and helpful. Her reiki makes me feel relaxed and calm. She is amazing.  I also recommend the reiki tea lights...they work wonders! (Siobhan)

 Jay's distant healing works well. I find it helps me to relax and sleep better. (Leigh)

 Jay provided wonderful healing sessions that helped my condition to quickly improve. Great!  (Tandra)

Jay's distant healing works wonders. I can always feel a tingle in the air... (Guy)

I really recommend giving Jay a try, I get goose bumps and can actually feel my healing :-) (Amanda)

Amazing reiki healing, thankyou always xx (Lynne)

Thank you so much for making such a fantastic spray. I have slept soundly since I started spraying it on my pillows and sheets. The smell is absolutely beautiful and so calming but not overpowering. I spray it around my bathroom when I want a relaxing soak in the bath and it's pure luxury. It's so amazing that it's such genuine high quality and a fraction of the price of other lavender sprays I've used. Another great use for it is refreshing my little lavender sachets,  it really works! It will make a lovely little stocking filler too! After a stressful day at work a quick spritz helps infuse my room with reiki and a fabulous scent and I instantly feel better. I'm really looking forward to using the other fragrances you bring out next! (Siobhan, Ireland)

My family uses colloidal silver for a large array of health concerns. For example my 4 year old son had pink eye. It started Monday morning, first sign of it I grabbed the "silver water" as we call it and poured some into both eyes. I continued doing this 5-6 times a day and his pink eye is now gone and I didn't need to see a doctor for a prescription for antibiotics :) 
 My Uncle was in a dirt bike accident and a large portion of the skin on his arm had been ripped off. We made silver water for him and he applied it every day and the doctors have been amazed at his speedy recovery. 
The stories are simple but this stuff is really awesome. We always have a bottle ready for whatever life throws our way!
(Melanie UK)

I have been very pleased with my distant healing. I took a chance and trusted Jay.  She is genuine.  I soon began tingling and knew that was a sign that she was sending Reiki.  I was struggling with various issues and I think the Reiki helped me to deal with them in that my mood was very upbeat at a time when I would normally be down in my boots.  I made use of the special offer and am now having another two weeks of Reiki.  I would recommend Jay.  
She is there to help. (Maureen, Devon)

Excellent - very kind and helpful, many thanks ++++++++ (Melanie, Scotland)

Fantastic! Very highly recommended. A Lovely reiki session.  Try This !!! (Donna, Isle of Wight)

Thanks for all the effort. Feeling more relaxed now. (T from SE London)

Sincere and compassionate healer A1++++ (Anon, Fife)

Very Helpful, Powerful ,Healing Energy, Thank you (South London)

Great. Honest and true! Highly recommend! 5 stars ***********************(P from Surrey)

What a lovely, caring lady! Feeling better already. Would highly recommend. (E from Scotland)

Please try this. You will be pleasantly surprised! Recommended! (L from Scotland)

Genuine and honest person, Excellent communication, great service, recommend! A* (P from Surrey)

Gifted light worker x (C from Essex)

Really enjoying the reiki. (B from Ireland)

Very kind and helpful, thanks ***** (Melanie, Scotland)

Superb.  That's why i'm back for more! You can trust this lovely person,5* (P from Surrey)

Another lovely reiki session! Very highly recommended to all. Thank-you Jay. (Donna, Isle of Wight)

Hi Jay, I have been meaning to write to you and thank you so very, very much. Randys aunt made such progress after you did your reiki. I was floored!! and a complete believer. She was up eating and laughing just a day after she had the 3 bleeds, heart issues and no use of her left side. You are a miracle worker. Now about the Lottery..... :D
Thank you again. (Denise, U.S.A)
Excellent, highly recommended. (Leigh, London)

Genuine and kind healer highly recommend. (W, Scotland)

Good value for money. (T, Scotland)

The reiki has been so helpful to my pet dog since she become ill...she has not had to have medication thanks to reiki!!! thank you jay for your lovely good work! (Wendy, Essex)

This (48-hr reiki) is the most powerful reiki I have experienced. I have been able to see positive shifts on all levels (physical, mental, emotional). Jay is a healer of the highest integrity!Thanks (Steve, U.S.A)

Jay is wonderful. Her reiki is a blessing. I feel calmer and sleep better. Her tea lights bring the most amazing healing and calming energy. I love them! Thank you so much x  (Siobhan, Ireland)

Thank you so much Jay for sharing your wonderful gift. Your reiki healing is so powerful and I will be a regular customer. (Mrs C, Birmingham)

Started off with a 24 hour session. Loved it.  Then bought a 7 day session, loved it even more! Have just finished a 28 day session and it helped so much that I am going to buy another 28 day session right now.  (Belinda, London)

A very kind, genuine healer. Many thanks. (Paul, Kent)

Back for more tea light candles and might treat myself to some gemstones. I have regular healing from jay and cannot sing her praises enough. Always there when I need her :) 

I found Jay through Ebay and have since been a regular customer. (John, Peterborough)

Highly recommended. Will be back soon. (Mr G Bates, USA)

Thank you for the reiki. (Mrs C, Liverpool)

5 *'s from me ***** Thank you. (Sharon, Devon)

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Frequently asked questions


Can I buy distance reiki for someone else?
Yes you may buy a distance reiki session for someone else. You can buy distance reiki for adults, children, animals, even plants or tree's.

Do I need to tell them that I have bought reiki for them?
Some reiki healers firmly believe that you should always have permission before sending someone reiki. My personal belief is that because reiki is so pure, it will do no harm to send it if you cannot obtain permission for some reason. Anyway, it would be a bit hard to get permission from your dog or cat of you decided to get a session from them wouldn't it?   lol

How will I know that the reiki is working for me?
Reiki always works but not always in the exact way you might expect. Some people can feel when reiki is being sent to them, others might feel nothing-but rest assured that reiki will always flow.

Can reiki cause harm in any way?
100% not. Reiki is a pure, beautiful healing energy and can never cause harm in any way-even if somebody tried to send reiki with bad intentions-the reiki just simply wouldn't flow. Reiki is 100% safe :-)

If I buy a distance reiki session from you-will my personal details be kept confidential?
Absolutely-you have my word on that. In fact after a reiki session is over, I destroy any details which I may have including deleting emails containing personal information about once a month.

And what about my payment details?
I only accept payments via Paypal which is a 100% secure site so your details will be kept safe at all times. But you do not need to have a Paypal account in order to pay through paypal.


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