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All items on this page are reiki blessed/charged.

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 Reiki charged Gemstone Bracelets

Photo of a selection of gemstone bracelets in an array of colours.

These bracelets are lovely. They are charged with reiki healing energy as well as carrying their own magical properties from the gemstone chips themselves. Click on or hover over the small pictures below for a very basic description of each stones main properties. 

Made from stretchy elastic so fit a variety of wrist sizes.
Can also be worn on an ankle, carried in a pocket/bag/purse, placed under a pillow or mattress or anywhere else you feel drawn to keep it.
Make perfect little gifts to give to friends and loved ones or why not treat yourself and enjoy the relaxing energy and healing properties.
Each bracelet will come in its own little organza bag.

£6.00 each with free UK Postage

(The Red Coral stone has been colour enhanced and may leak red dye if wet).

Photo below to show size of the bracelet and gemstone chips. Picture taken of Cherry Quartz bracelet next to a standard size Clipper lighter.

Gemstone bracelet photographed next to a standard size Clipper lighter to show scale.
Please choose which bracelet or bracelets you would like from the drop down menus below and click 'Add to cart' for each one.
Which Gemstone?
Which Gemstone?
Which Gemstone?

Rainbow Reiki Charged Gemstone Bracelet 

 Lovely Reiki Charged Gemstone Bracelet in beautiful rainbow colours. 

(Genuine gemstones-not glass beads).
Elasticated so fits most wrist sizes.
Each bracelet comes in its own organza bag.

£6.50 each with free UK postage
Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet

Reiki Charged Gemstone Bottle Necklace 

Gemstone Bottles

 Picture of the clasp. (Below)

Photo of the necklace clasp

Here we have a lovely little item. 
A tiny glass bottle filled with a mixture of different coloured mini reiki charged gemstones with a cork stopper which is on a black chord necklace. 
Bottle (including cork) only measures 2.5 cm tall and 1cm wide approximately. 
They make a lovely gift for somebody as each one comes in its own little organza bag.

£5.50 each with free UK postage

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Window Hanging  Crystals 

 These Crystals would make a wonderful gift for anybody on any occasion. 

Hang them in a Sunny window or in the garden for a wonderful cascade of Rainbows when the Sun shines on them.

All Crystals come with a nylon string for hanging.
You can use a metal paperclip and slightly unbend it to use as a hanging hook ;-)

High Quality Hanging Crystals offer an array of dancing light and colour, producing a stunning array of rainbows on your walls ceilings and floors when the sun shines on them.
They can be hung in sunny windows or any other place where the sun will hit them.

Used in Feng Shui to lighten the chi of a room letting in only good energy.

                                                        Size: approximately 38 x 14mm

Only £5.00 each

                                 To purchase please click on the 'Add to Cart' button below.


 Multi-purpose Clip on Charms

 Beautiful multi-purpose reiki charged clip on charms. 

Perfect for attaching to a cat or dogs collar, on a bag or purse, zipper, keyring or anywhere else you can think of.
The Chakra charm contains 7 different gemstones (Garnet, Carnelian, Aragonite, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Clear Quartz), 1 for each chakra. 

The Mixed charm contains a mixture of different reiki charged gemstone chips.

Citrine is said to be a good stone for attracting money so the Citrine charm would be ideal for clipping onto a bag or purse.

The rainbow charm is perfect for anybody who loves the rainbow colours together or indeed as a symbol of the LGBT community.

Each charm will come in its own little organza bag.

Only £5.50 each

Each charm measures approximately 5-6 cm long including clasp.

Please choose from the drop down menu below and click the 'Add to Cart' button.

Which Gemstone?

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