Reiki From Jay - Lavender Oil

 Lavender essential oil

By Sharon Pitman of Holistichem

Lavender is a popular essential oil and for good reason. It has many uses and benefits and can be used personally and around the home. It has a lovely floral and light aroma with woody undertones and most of us will be familiar with the soothing fragrance of lavender. The oil is extracted from the Lavendula Angustifolia plant and has been used for centuries.

Lavender is perhaps best known for its calming properties helping us to unwind and relax. It has a comforting and balancing action on the central nervous system and eases the mind and helps us to slow down. Lavender has a sedative effect and can help to lower high blood pressure, alleviate headaches and relieve palpitations as well as assisting with reducing stress and insomnia. It is also useful for respiratory problems and can aid problems such as asthma and sinusitis. The anti-viral properties of lavender means that it is good for treating infection and it also purifies the air. It can help ease painful period cramps and can relieve fatigue. Lavender has many skin care benefits from balancing sebum to treating acne and dry, itchy skin conditions. It is excellent for promoting wound healing and applying a drop neat to the skin can instantly soothe burns and sunburn. It also acts as a natural anti-repellent so is a great way to keep insects and bugs at bay.

Lavender is without doubt an extremely versatile oil and can be used in so many ways. Mixing 5 drops into 10ml oil makes a therapeutic massage oil that can be applied over the body and adding 6-8 drops into warm water creates a tranquil bathing experience. For a peaceful ambience try burning 5-6 drops of lavender in water in an oil burner.

You can also try some of the fantastic lavender products that Jay makes and sells here on this website. The Reiki Room and Linen Spray is made with lavender oil and can be spritzed on pillows, bedding and in the air to promote a restful night’s sleep. The No More Stress Lavender Inhaler is a handy little inhaler that you can gently wave under your nose to instantly relieve stress and anxiety and its compact size means you can carry it with you whilst you are on the go. If that’s not enough both these items are reiki blessed so they have amazing healing properties.

Lavender is such a valuable multi-tasking oil and is an essential to have around the home. Not only can it treat mind, body and spirit it is also wonderful for promoting serenity, harmony and relaxation and is a great natural remedy to have around the home. It is a fairly inexpensive oil that can be readily purchased and is best purchased from an aromatherapy supplier or health food shop to ensure you get a good quality essential oil. You won’t regret buying it, as it really is an investment in your well-being!

Sharon Pitman is a qualified and insured nutritionist and complementary therapist and is co-founder of Holistichem along with her sister and fellow complementary therapist, Lorraine Pitman. For nutrition and wellbeing information please visit Holistichem also have a range of handmade wellbeing jewellery available from

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