Reiki From Jay-Distance Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki Sessions

Buy 24 hours for £2.05.
Buy 48 hours for £3.00.

Buy 7 day distance reiki session for only 
**NEW**Buy 2 weeks of distance reiki for just £8.50.**NEW**
Buy 4 weeks of distance reiki for only 

Please choose 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 2x weeks or 4x weeks from the drop down menu below and click on Add to cart.

Please remember that once you purchase a session of distance reiki-I will need some information from you (Full nameD.O.BLocation and what the reiki is required for if you wish to specify), so please send me an email HERE.  Thank you very much :-)

 Distance reiki can be sent worldwide and Paypal will convert GBP into your currency. 

Length of healing session

Reiki Subscriptions

You now have the option of setting up a monthly subscription to Reiki From Jay for your continuous healing.
The subscription is for a 3 month period or a 6 month period and the money will be taken from your account by paypal every 4 weeks.

You will save money setting up a subscription rather than coming back to the site and paying £15.50 every 4 weeks.
When your final payment is taken, Paypal will automatically cancel the subscription for you and your healing will only continue for the following 4 weeks.  

FREE surprise gift with every new 3 month subscription.

FREE surprise gift with every 6 month subscription.

You will be able to unsubscribe at any time during the 3 or 6 month period but payments already taken will not be able to be returned and subscription cannot be cancelled until after the first payment has been received for the 3 month subscription or two payments have been received for the 6 month subscription due to the free gift being sent out. (It would be unfair for me to send out the free gift and then have the subscription cancelled straight away as I'm sure you understand).
 To unsubscribe please click HERE

3 Month Subscription


6 Month Subscription

New One To One Distance Session*

One to one sessions will be available as 15 minute sessions or as 30 minute sessions. I cannot offer 1 hour sessions at this time.

The cost for a 15 minute session will be £12.50 and a 30 minute session will be £25.00

When you make your payment I will email you as soon as I can to arrange a convenient time for both of us to sit and concentrate on the session. I will also need your full name, date of birth and area in which you live.
Before and after the session I suggest that you drink water. During the session all you will need to do is to sit quietly and meditate, listen to music, have a lie down or whatever makes you feel comfortable. Please choose a time that you will not be disturbed.


Length Of Session

            Extra information....

A quick note just to say that if you cannot afford to pay full price for the distance reiki sessions but feel that you are in need- please contact me Here and we'll see what we can do ;-)


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