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Rune Stone Readings
Rune stones
A little bit about rune stones and readings...

The word ‘rune’ simply means mystery, whisper or secret.

Runes are an ancient form of oracle used by those seeking advice. Runes have a long history, dating back to ancient use by Germanic and Nordic tribes.

The runes can be used to help guide you through problems or issues and help show you what is likely to happen. They’re not a form of fortune-telling and don’t offer exact answers or give you advice - rather they offer different variables and suggest how you could behave if the event does occur. 

Runic readers acknowledge that the future isn’t fixed and that individuals have the power to follow their own path and make their own decisions. So if you don’t like the guidance that a rune reading provides, you’ve got the power to change your direction, or your path, and follow a different route.

Here you can choose between a 3 stone reading and a 5 stone reading.

When you purchase a rune stone reading I will require your full name, date of birth and question.
One clear concise question or explanation of a situation per reading please.

An example of a clear question would be- "Should I leave my current job and look for a new one?"
Rather than- "What  shall I do about work?"

Your reading will be emailed to you within 3-5 days, sooner if I can.

£5.00 for 3 stones

£7.50 for 5 stones

Of course the 3 stone reading is quite basic whereas the 5 stone reading is a little more in depth and detailed.

Which Reading?

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